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Our Lufkin, TX team will handle your construction services

Aspen prides itself in offering a wide range of services which allows the customer to use an individual company rather than many to perform their onsite work as well as performing offsite fabrication needs. Aspen offers a full service machine shop with the ability to turn up to a 14' shaft. We can provide parts daily or for a Down Day project. Aspen can offer work that many of their competitors cannot. Aspen can handle your projects from the design stage to the finished product with experienced professionals. Aspen can also provide your company with the Experienced Millwrights, Electricians or Fabricators for any Shut Down needs.

Call us today for your next project. We are based in Lufkin, TX, but we are able to travel across the country for projects.

How can we help your business?

As an engineering company, we work on projects from their early stages. You can rely on us for everything from designing the project to hands-on construction services. Our team can...

Create a well-engineered design for your structure.
Demolish any existing structures on your property.
Build industrial materials for your on-site machinery.
Repair any existing machines you have.
Remodel a commercial property you'd like to restore.

We have a 1,400-square-foot facility for industrial manufacturing.


Hiring a demolition contractor is the safest way to remove an unwanted structure.


Trust a professional team with your commercial construction project.


We'll create a custom engineering design for your manufacturing plant.


Creating Your Materials With Ease and Precision

Trust us with your industrial fabrication